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Pure Spirit and Water of Life


Water of life and dead water exists not only in fairytales,but on the factories that produce alcohol. Dead water is tasteless . Water of life on the other hand is ready for drinking.And if one combines water of life with high quality grain spirit and moreover turn on music The head of the Brest distillery Belalko Alexandre Romanovskiy confirms:
-We turn on music while producing Xlebnikov . It is not our invention, it is scientifically proven that positive music influences organoleptic indicators of the drink.We would like to implement a new and a very interesting project : to show on our website what music is used during the production of each of our drinks. Now the company works with new heights : Khlebnikov, Richmen Wild duck- all those are know-how of the Brest distillery. Strong moonshine was born in Brest too.
Brest distillery has recently celebrated its 115 - th birthday. Since the USSR it has become the main liquor exporter of the BSSR. Brest distillery the name known on the European market since the USSR. Back then the assortment included only 2-3 items, but managed to win a prestigious position among well-known brands. Being the only member of the Union-fruit-import it imported products to Czech Republic, Hungary, UK, Switzerland, Austria, Germany , etc. I tried to find out what is the key to success of the factory talking to the head of the factory Alexandre Romanovskiy.
What is the difference between one vodka and another? Its common knowledge that it is really simple to produce a drink, just to combine spirit with water and here it is. But with such approach its hard to speak about the quality.
- Arent you offended when connoisseurs say whats the difference Birch tree or Wild duck. They are all from the same vat. - They cant be from the same vat. And the consumers are not amateurs. They can tell the difference between mild and hard ,drinkable or not. Alexandre Romanovskiy enumerates three main quality parts: selective raw materials, talented production, professionalism of the specialists. Production of spirit is a very important part, quality depends on it by 70 %. Belalko uses only self-produced spirit. The company has two distilleries with unique technologies. The quality indicator is the level of the purification from harmful impurities. On it depends aroma, mildness of the vodka taste, and the level of influence on our bodies.
- There were rumors in Brest that the factory had been using confiscated spirits. So, I would like to ask a question about that. - That would never happen at such factory as Belalko, which has been exporting its goods for more than 30 years. - On the labels it says that some kind of special water was used : spring water or even holy water. - None of the distilleries would use any of that without proper purification. Water is the main component of vodka. One can do his/her best to make the quality higher ,but if they do not have good water they are not going to make vodka. Water is the matrix of our life, changing its structure ,its chemical characteristics it regulates the processes of our lives. Belalko gets its artesian water from 220 meters depth. Then it goes through purification process. A very complicated one, but it provides us with the purity of aroma and mildness of taste.
- As a result one gets dead water, I have no doubts. - Yes,its almost sterile ,but then we enrich it with minerals and as a result we get a very tasty, drinkable as we call it water of life water. - Almost like spring water? - No spring water is different, it has different chemical characteristics.We also use spring water from Belovezskaya Puscha. But only for some particular types of drinks. It also goes through the disinfection process . Then pure spirit and water of life are combined. What for? The head explains: - The combination of spirit and water becomes real vodka only after the filtration through the birch tree active carbon. The thing is that some aldehydes and traces of oils remain in spirit even after numerous filtrations. They can be adsorbed only at that stage. As addition to that process filtration on golden,silver,and platinum filters is used . We also use white pearls, which adds exquisite taste and crystal shine.
After that we correct the volume. And then we add ingredients that distinguish our drinks. Those are potions, syrops, juices etc. We use not only herbs, but berries, roots, fruit. We also use maple syrop, birch tree juice, cranberry juice, honey etc. The last stage is bottlery. Even at that stage our drinks continue to be perfected. Right before the filling we use a special filter that removes tiny parts not visible to the eye , which makes vodka crystal clear.
- Do you have an export department? I believe that there vodka is different? - No, same. But there we have different bottle designs and the assortment is wider. - And how an amateur can tell if vodka is good or bad? - Our products have clear vodka aroma and taste. We try to satisfy the needs and tastes of our customers and take into consideration their desires.

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This is a really inlgitleent way to answer the question.

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The name of this vodka is Vodka Tsarskaya Zolotaya translates as Emperor's Golden Vodka or Vodka Imperial Gold. Below is some info from the maerks of this vodka:Vodka Imperial Gold is an elite brand made from the water of glacial origin from lake Ladoga near Saint Petersburg. Purest grain alcohol from durum wheat is used, as well as multiple filtration through quartz sand and birch charcoal. It also passes through filters with gold threads of 24-karat gold, enriching it with gold ions. Production ends with a unique process vodka is left to rest before bottling.

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Most Americans don't boil our water unless there is a water main break, flood or pulibc announcement by the government. Our water supplier is supposed to notify us if our water doesn't meet EPA or state standards or if there is a waterborne disease emergency. If we know all the contaminants in our water these days, we should take more precaution. Yeah, I agree, purifier + boiling is the best way to go! (I heard boiling alone doesn't get rid of all the chemicals and metals in tap water)exile

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I have a reverse oismoss water purifier under the kitchen sink. The filters need to be replaced every six months. I absolutely love it. I don't think health conscious Americans drink out of the tap any more. According to the Environmental Working Group, my city has the #9 worst tap water in America!!exile

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Thanks Makka.. Doing just fine!!As per the rules, all the houses in TN are hiavng somewhat similar setup for rain water harvesting makka. Might need a little more expensive system. Govt could give this setup for free instead of free tv etc!! [url=]tnfdwqb[/url] [link=]noykjyq[/link]

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