"Old Brest"

Balsam "Old Brest" is a high-extractive drink with soft, pleasing taste and flavor. This drink effects on organism raising its immunologic reactance. Balsam "Old Brest" is recommended as the additive to coffee, tea, ice-cream to which it gives original taste and aroma.

Alcohol content :35%

1500 mlceramic
2500 ml
3200 ml

Gold medal


Gold medal for balsam "Old Brest" at the International Exhibition "Wine-Vodka",Sochi, Russia, August 2011

Bronze medal


Bronze medal for Old Brest balm at the International exhibition Beer. Wine. Drinks, April, 6, 2011, Minsk, Belarus.

Winner diploma


Winner diploma for "Berestye" and "Old Brest" balms at degustation competition G.U.S.T. in balsam nomination, December 2010, Minsk

Gold medals


Gold medals for balm "Old Brest" and vodkas "Flotskaya", "Brestskaya Lux" at International competition "Wine-Vodka 2010, Sochi, Russia, 2-4 September 2010"

Gold medals


Gold medals for "Platinum" vodka and "Old Brest" balm at International competition "Gold Griffin - 2010", Yalta, Ukraine, 26 July - 5 August 2010

Gold medals


Gold medals for "Vezha" bitter nastoyka, Belorussia vodka and "Old Brest" balm at the International degustation competition Odessa Bay, February, 2010, Odessa, Ukraine

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