Bitter tincture "Bear ravine with cowberry flavour"

"Bear Ravine - sacred purity and strength of nature
The Slavs have countless myths and legends about bears. Not empty tales, but incredible stories that explain why this mighty beast is treated no worse than a deity. And nowadays we bear a huge honor to this animal, and beverages under the trade mark "Bear ravine" is a weighty proof.
Bears on the night firmament, and down here on the ground are often identified with the magic. The Slavs firmly believed that a man lived under each bearskin. Meeting a bear in a way was served as a good omen. People believed that all evil is afraid of the bear and runs headlong away, hardly sensing it. And that is why each bearish log, every single slopes of the ravine, which was inhabited by a bear family, were comparable to paradise , clean of evil spirits.
Like our wise ancestors, we create drink-wards. Bitter "Bear Ravine on honey and lime-blossom with a tasty lime aroma, slight aftertaste of thyme, which imparts natural forces ...
"Bear Ravine on cowberries has rich flavor and aroma of this wonderful, healing berries. At the same taste cowberries are not immediately disclosed. With every sip taste becomes richer and an aftertaste more vivid .

Alcohol content :40%

1500 ml


Diploma and bronze medal


for the bitter tincture "Bear ravine with cowberry.
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