Bitter tincture "Czar's Meadow with pepper"

A fiery pepper infusion is a part of the bitter "Tsar Meadow with Pepper".
Such bitter may be applied to treatment of a set of diseases, restoration of vital forces and beauty. Bitter "Tsar Meadow with Pepper" with alcohol content 40% with the taste of hot pepper intrigues with the tartness.

Alcohol content :40%

1500 ml

Bronze medal


Bronze medal for "Pushchanskaya with pepper" bitter tincture at the International exhibition Wine. Drinks, March, 2012, Minsk, Belarus.

Gold medal


Gold medal for Bitter tincture "Pushchanskaya with pepper" at the International degustation competition Odessa Bay, February, 2012, Odessa, Ukraine.

Silver medal


Silver medal for "Pushchanskaya with pepper" bitter tincture Balm and on the International Tasting Competition at the 14th International exhibition Prodexpo-2012 , Moscow, Russia, February , 2012.
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