Vodka "Czar's Meadow Revered "

The newcomer of “Belalco” is a line of vodka under "Czar's Meadow" trademark. The creation of this trademark is dated for the anniversary of Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the heart of which the picturesque place - the Tsar Meadow is located. Through many centuries Belovezhskaya Pushcha was the favourite place of hunting of Lithuanian princes, Polish kings, Russian tsars. Traditionally after hunting a grandiose feast was arranged on the Tsar Meadow. We created a beverage worthy a royal feast.
"Czar's Meadow Revered" - transparent, crystal-clear beverage which has a pure, bright taste with the long refreshing aftertaste. In the 18th international tasting contest in Moscow in 2016 it is awarded by a diploma and a gold medal.

Alcohol content :40%

1700 mldecorated
2500 ml

+375 (162) 269 100