Vodka "Glubina"

Only this vodka of premium segment undergoes filtering by pearls. What is the filtering by pearls applied for? Pearls - the only jewelry stone which does not require any facet. Likewise Glubina absorbs in itself the ideality of pearls. Both pearls are the work of the living being, and Glubina brings to you feelings and sincerity of Brest masters. The magnificent, stylish design gives the special force and uniqueness to this product. This vodka has an exclusively soft taste which is reached due to the use of unique production technologies. Vodka Glubina (filtering by black pearls) is awarded a gold medal and the diploma in the 17th International Tasting Contest at the PRODEKSPO exhibition which took place in March, 2015 in Moscow, and in 2014 won the diploma of the contest "GUST" and a gold medal of the International Tasting Contest in Bulgaria "United Vodka". Composition: rectified drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol Luks from food raw materials.

Alcohol content :40%

1750 ml
+375 (162) 269 100