Vodka "Nalivai-ka Smachnaya"

Trademark Nalivai-ka is a newcomer of Belalko. Vodka of "economy segment" is prepared in the best traditions of production of vodka. Natural extracts of various cereals wheat, rye, barley are a part of vodka.
"Nalivai-ka" design is performed in a farm style of a popular vodka. Vodka which with pleasure you will put on a table after a hard day to relax a bit, on a holiday table to take one - two shot glasses with a guest or to drink a liqueur glass during a good dinner.
Vodka Nalivai-ka Smachnaya is a transparent, crystal-clear beverage which has a pure, bright taste with a long refreshing aftertaste. In its composition water from an artesian well, grain alcohol Luks, natural honey, barley infusion.

Alcohol content :40%

1500 ml

+375 (162) 269 100