Vodka "USSR Lux"

Vodka USSR Lux is an original Belarusian vodka. It is prepared of high-quality grain alcohol Lux and natural soft on modern equipment according to modern technologies. It has a characteristic vodka aroma and soft taste.
It is possible to take the History in different ways: to remember and idolize eternally, to bury in oblivion and to hate, however for many generations the country which name - the USSR - remains the Homeland.

Alcohol content :40%

11000 mlleather
21000 mlleather
3700 mldecorated

Gold medals


Gold medals for vodkas "Birch", "USSR Lux" and bitter nastoyka "Brest Zubrovka" at 12-th International competition "Best Product WorldFood - 2010, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2-5 November 2010"

Silver medals


Silver medals for Corn and USSR lux vodkas at the International drink forum Drink Expo, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 18-20, 2007.

Gold medals


A gold medals for the Belorusskaya de lux, Belwast , USSR de lux, Citadel, Eurogrosh, Pervatsch vodkas and De lux rectified ethyl spirit at the degustation contest of wine, liquor and vodka products of the XII International specialized exhibition Petersburgs fair of wines and vodkas 2005, St. Petersburg, Russia, June, 1-4, 2005.

Bronze medal


A bronze medal for the USSR vodka at the International specialized exhibition, EAST-WEST DRINKS 2005, April 2005, Antalia, Turkey.

silver quality sign


Award 'Silver Quality Sign' at allrussian mark III millenium. 21 century quality sign at International exhibition-tasting. Moskow , april, 2004.
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