"Men's Club "

The original, stylish design of the bottle and the label gives the special strength and uniqueness to this product. Men's club - a premium vodka which will not make you disappointed. Try this new product and you realize directly that "Men's club" has an incomparable quality which a premium product shall possess.

"Men's Club" warms with complex notes of an uncomparable smoothness, everything you've come to demand in a premium vodka from Belalco. The subtle nuances of "Men's Club" premium vodka is what makes this product truly finer in comparison to all others.

Alcohol content :40%

1500 ml
2500 ml
3500 ml

Golden medal at the competition "Best vodka 2015"


vodka Men's club / Moscow 2015

Diploma and silver medal "Wine and Vodka 2014"


vodka "Men's club" / Sochi 2014

Golden Medal


at the International European degustation contest «United vodka», Bulgaria, 2014

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