Dobrogon Belovezhsky

Dobrogon Belovezhsky

Dobrogon Belovezhsky is made of high quality rye distillate combined with natural, crystal clear water and uniquely combined ingredients.

The ingredients of this alcoholic beverage include infusions based on grain distillate: heather herb, sweet grass, hyperici herba.

The new Dobrogon product line will satisfy demanding buyers, true experts of craft products and will add to the collection of true lovers of “national drinks”.

Contains: Treated drinking water, unaged rye distillate, heather infusion based on grain distillate, sweet grass infusion based on grain distillate, infusion of hyperici herba based on grain distillate.
500 ml.
40 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Diploma and golden medal at Eurasia spirits drinks

международный дегустационный конкурс "Eurasia spirits drinks". г.Москва