Dobrogon kraftovy

Production of high quality distillate is a true art. Selection of the appropriate raw materials plays the key role, as the quality of the raw materials largely determines the quality of the final product. Distillate production of different types requires an individual approach. Using modern technology, applying creative approach and suitable products, it is possible to create a unique product, in which all the useful properties of the processed fruit or other raw materials are preserved. Dobrogon craftovy is a Belarusian samogon of excellent taste and quality! Alcoholic drink “Dobrogon craftovy” has deep amber color, unique taste and aroma. Dobrogon Craftovy is made of high quality grain distillate, natural malt base made from selected grain, combined with natural, crystal clear water and uniquely combined ingredients that make the alcoholic beverage balanced in its taste and aroma. This alcoholic beverage has pure, unique taste of fresh, harvested natural honey combined with a delicate aroma of heather and clover, an unusual finish is created by adding the extract of porcini mushrooms. Oak extract gives this drink woody, aged flavour.

Contains: Treated drinking water, barley distillate, natural malt base, oak extract, raisin extract, food additive natural caramel color E150a, heather infusion based on grain distillate, infusion of porcini mushrooms based on grain distillate.
500 ml.
40 % ABV