Brest Distillery "Belalco"

Based in Belarus. This is one of the largest producers and suppliers of spirits and vodka in the former USSR. It was founded in 1897 and in more than 100 years since then has amassed unrivalled experience. the quality of products in many respects surpasses the most famous brands.

Year 1897

Brest State wines warehouse # 4 was founded in the area of Dvoryanskaya, Sadovaya, Millionnaya and Voznesenskaya streets with the annual production output of 107 thousand decaliters. Mr. Alexander F. Shtark has been appointed manager with daily wage in amount of 4 ruble and 16.6 kopecks. As compared with other factories coal using steam-boiler installation permitted to increase alcohol output by one third and improved vodka quality and working efficiency. For purveyor convenience vehicle sheds and platforms were built connecting to warehouse. 60 employees carried out the production and bottling. Salespeople were included to personnel too. So called "money collectors" had right to record incomes, expenses and rests by retail sold drinks and get money for "Declaration by articles". Retired Colonel Edward A. Vislitsky was one of them. Based on agreement with the excise Grodno province that 17 small wine stores of Brest warehouse were under his control. Honorary citizen Mr. Evgeny K. Kinast was responsible for money collection too.

Year 1910

A wide trading network of Brest warehouse # 4 covers not only Brest but the other province cities as Vysoko-Litovsk, Kamenets-Litovsk, Kobrin, Vlodava, Zhabinka, Ivanovo, Priborovo, Volchin, Domachevo, Cherny, Vorotsevichy, Koshelevo, Chernavchitsy. One could find habitual and table wines and alcohol from 57% up to 90% and 95% strength. The measure volume was weighted to bucket with volume12.3 litters. There was bottling volume 70cl, 50cl, 30cl, 12cl, 6cl. Habitual wine bucket price was 12 rubles and 80 kopecks, table wine price - 17 rubles, 57% alcohol - 18 rubles 38 kopecks, 95% alcohol - 30 rubles 40 kopecks.

Years 1914 - 1924

World War I, Soviet - Poland War and economic crisis that shocked Poland in 1924 and also Brest Peace Treatment (West Belarus Separation) collapsed the Warehouse.

Year 1928

March 15, 1928 the factory was reconstructed and started up. It gets an official name Brest Distillery.

Year 1937

According to "The City of Brest Intelligencer" report The Distillery has been delivered its production to 25 sales points of Polessie, Belostok, Lublin, Novogrudok and Volyn provinces. It produced and bottled vodka and alcohol for medical purposes. The Distillery personnel consisted of 33 management and trade workers, 3 masters and 78 workers. The department of Tobacco and Alcohol Production Union headed by Emil Kozik was stationed in Brest.

Years 1944 - 1945

Здание Брестского ликеро-водочного завода

After World War II passing under the control of "Narkompishcheprom SSR" The Distillery activity started up. The production output comes to 79420 decaliters of vodka, liqueurs and fruit drinks. The Distillery has been equipped with Zhukov System Bottling Machine with productivity of 2700 bottles per hour. The bottle price for "Vodka 40%" was 7 rubles and 50 kopecks.

Years 1946 - 1976

Unique technologies production mastering period based on ancient traditions of folk medicine, Belarus antique recipes using rare herbs of Belovezhskaya Pushcha (Belovezha virgin forest) and strict conformity with International standards.

Здание Брестского ликеро-водочного завода
Years 1977 - 2014

Are the years of real triumph. Product quality meets to severe requirements of consumer and has no equal among similar Distilleries of former Soviet Union. In addition to traditional vodka such as "Moskovskaya", "Pshenichnaya", "Stolichnaya", "Russkaya" The Distillery produces original Belarus vodka, liqueurs, brandies and balsams. Vodka "Lux", "Belarus", "Belarusskaya", "Khazarskaya", "Belarus Sineokaya", "Polyarnaya", Nastoyka "Belovezhskaya", "Bereste", "Belarusskaya okhotnichya", "Zubrovka", balsam "Belarussky", "Brestsky", liqueur "Shokoladny", "Kofeyny".
Nowadays "Brest Distillery Company "Belalco" is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of liqueurs and vodka products in Europe. The plant has been working at the foreign market for more than 30 years. It exports its products to over 20 countries of the world..
For the last 3 years the company has won more than 130 highest awards. Only in 2012 it won 20 awards: 13 golden, 4 silver, 3 bronze and 1 Grand prix. The plant is especially proud of the golden award at the competition "Brand of the Year" for the ethical behavior in business.
In 2014 Belalco won several prestigious awards. It became a winner of the competitions "The best products of the Republic of Belarus", "International Competition of Drinks" in Moscow, "The product of the year". Nowadays Belalco is the perspective, dynamic company that has a very high level in production of alcoholic drinks as well as quality of goods.

Здание Брестского ликеро-водочного завода
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