Vodka "Czar's Meadow Revered"

Vodka "Czar's Meadow Revered"

The creation of this trademark is dated for the anniversary of Belovezhskaya Pushcha in the heart of which the picturesque place - the Tsar Meadow is located. Through many centuries Belovezhskaya Pushcha was the favourite place of hunting of Lithuanian princes, Polish kings, Russian tsars. Traditionally after hunting a grandiose feast was arranged on the Tsar Meadow. We created a beverage worthy a royal feast.

It is classic vodka made of grain alcohol “Lux”, artesian water from the company’s own well with a depth of more than 220 meters, with the addition of an infusion of wheat bread, honey and linden flowers. It is a transparent, crystal-clear beverage, which has a pure, bright taste with the long refreshing aftertaste. The ingredients of vodka make its taste balanced, and they make the beverage itself smooth and quaffing. It repeatedly received medals at tasting competitions. Grand Prix Cup was awarded at the International Tasting Competition “Yalta. Golden Griffin 2016”. In the 18th international tasting contest at Moscow in 2016 it was awarded by a diploma and a gold medal.

500 ml.
750 ml.
40 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Золотая медаль и диплом

18 дегустационного конкурса на международной ярмарке "ПРОДЭКСПО" за водку "Царская поляна заповедная"

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