Vodka "Pervatsch"

Vodka “Pervatsch” – is the only vodka in Belarus with alcohol content 56%! Due to the unique technology vodka “Pervatsch” has an extremely mild taste and neutral aroma.

Alcohol content :56%

1500 mlfrosted with paint

A Grand-Prix


A Grand-Prix and a winner’s diploma at the “Gold brand” contest (Wine and vodka design. Firm style – 2007) for “Pervatsch” vodka for the highest art style and the creative label, bottle and package design of the International drink forum “Drink Expo”, St. Petersburg, Russia, June 18-20, 2007.

A gold medals


A gold medals for “Pervatch” vodka and “Brest Zubrovka” bitter tincture at the 7th International testing competition of vodka and low-alcohol beverages “Bistro. Beer and drinks”, April, 5, 2007, Minsk, Belarus.

A Grand-Prix


A Grand-Prix for “Pervatsch” vodka and balm “Berestye” in testing competition of vine, vodka and low-alcohol beverages at XIII International Specialized exhibition “Vine and Vodka Fair of Petersburg - 2006”, June 7-10, 2006, Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Gold medal


A gold medal for “Pervatch” vodka at the International competition “Best product – 2006” of the 13th “Prodexpo-2006” International exhibition, February 13-17, 2006, Moscow, Russia.

Silver medals


“Grape” and “Pervatsch” vodkas – silver medals at International Tasting competition within 5-th International forum “Drinks Industry”, November 23-25, 2005, Moscow, Russia

Silver medals


“Pervatsch”, “Birch” vodkas, “Brestskaya Zubrovka” bitter insist – silver medals for high quality of produce, 5-th International forum “Drinks Industry”, November 23-25, 2005, Moscow, Russia

Silver medal


Silver medal for vodka “Pervatch” at the 14th International exhibition “Peterfood-2005”, Saint Petersburg, Russia, November 15-19, 2005.

Gold medals


Gold medals for the balm “Berestye”, vodkas “Pervatch”, “Belwast”, “Grape”, “Maple”, design of a 0,5L bottle for “Maple” vodka at the International exhibition-fair “Wine. Vodka. Tabacco - 2005” Sochi, Russia, September, 7-10, 2005.

A Grand Prix


A Grand Prix for the “Pervatch” vodka at the degustation contest of the 10-th International exhibition-fair «RIGA FOOD 2005», Republic of Latvia, September, 7-10, 2005.

Gold medals


A gold medals for the “Belorusskaya de lux”, “Belwast” , “USSR de lux”, “Citadel”, “Eurogrosh”, “Pervatsch” vodkas and “De lux” rectified ethyl spirit at the degustation contest of wine, liquor and vodka products of the XII International specialized exhibition “Petersburg’s fair of wines and vodkas – 2005”, St. Petersburg, Russia, June, 1-4, 2005.
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