BELALCO at «Foodex Japan» in Tokyo
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BELALCO at «Foodex Japan» in Tokyo

BELALCO at «Foodex Japan» in Tokyo

The 41st International Food and Beverage Exhibition «Foodex Japan 2016» was held from the 8th to 11th March at the Makuhari Messe, Japan. The «Foodex Japan» exhibition has brought together around 3 000 exhibitors from 78 countries.

Brest Distillery "Belalco" participated in the exhibition within a national group of Belarusian exposition at «Belgospischeprom" stand. The Belarusian national expo demonstrated the goods made by «Minsk Kristall», "Spartak", "Kommunarka", "Red pischevik" "Krynica" and "Neman". Belarusian companies have taken part in this exhibition for the first time.

During the exhibition Brest Distillery has presented its product range "Belalco". These are balms "Krautermeister" and Berestje“, a new line of tinctures "Czar`s Meadow", bitter tinctures "Bear ravine" and "Brest Zubrovka", vodkas "Wild Duck", "Glubina", "Golden bison premium" and others . As a result, the exhibition has shown that the Japanese are interested in Belarusian products. Moreover, a strong interest was not in classic white vodkas, but in color national products, such as balms, tinctures and liqueurs. Japan's alcoholic market differs from the Belarusian one in the consumption of alcohol, its production, as well as, in the culture of drinking.

FOODEX JAPAN is the largest annual food and beverage tradeshow in Asia and has been a highly successful trade event since 1976. Drinking plays an important role in Japanese society. A large variety of alcoholic beverages can be found in Japan. Some of the most popular ones are beer, sake (rice wine), haposshu and shochu (Japanese vodka, which is made from rice or sweet potatoes). Sake and shochu are alcoholic beverages of 12 - 25 % alcohol by volume.

Japan`s economy ranks third in the world in terms of nominal GDP after the US and China, the first place for life expectancy (83.6 years), gross national income - 42 000 dollars per person per year. The minus - the death rate exceeds the birth rate.

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