Vodka "Birch"

Original Belarusian vodka. It was created in 2000 and in a year it was known in our country and became a national vodka Belarus. "Birch" vodka was called a product of 2002 and got a silver medal in the nomination "Brand of the opening of 2002". 2003 “Belalco” became the winner of the contest "Best Goods of Belarus-2003" for vodka "Birch". In 2004 - 2007 our company was repeatedly awarded with medals and honorary diplomas of prestigious international and national exhibitions and competitions. In 2004, 2005 and 2006 “Birch” vodka was recognized vodka №1 in Belarus. "Birch" is of a huge consumer demand in the market of the Republic and not less popular in the countries of near and far abroad. Original packaging and high organoleptic quality make it unique in comparison with the best domestic counterparts. It is prepared using alcohol "Lux" , pure artesian water and birch sap. Vodka has a neutral flavor and a mild taste.

500 ml.
40 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Gold medals

Gold medals for vodkas "Birch", "USSR Lux" and bitter nastoyka "Brest Zubrovka" at 12-th International competition "Best Product WorldFood - 2010”, Almaty, Kazakhstan, 2-5 November 2010"

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