Bitter nastoyka "Belavezhsky volat"

Bitter nastoyka "Belavezhsky volat"

Bitter "Belavezhsky Volat" – is an alcoholic beverage with the alcohol content 43%. Saturated brown color, peculiar, slightly burning taste and unique aroma do this tincture by a national product of Belarus. High-quality grain Luxury alcohol, the softened purified water, sugar, silverweed rhizome, bay leaf, fennel fruits is a part. Tincture is awarded a silver medal on the international tasting contest "Odessa Bay" and bronze at the international PRODEXPO exhibition in Moscow.

500 ml.
700 ml.
750 ml.
43 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Bronze medal

Bronze medal for "Belavezhsky volat" bitter tincture on the International Tasting Competition at the 13th International exhibition “Prodexpo-2011” , Moscow, Russia, February 7-11, 2011