Bitter nastoyka "Bear ravine" with cowberry flavour

Bitter nastoyka "Bear ravine" with cowberry flavour

Slavs have an uncountable quantity of legends and myths about bears. However, we bear a huge honor to this animal, and beverages under the trade mark "Bear ravine" is a weighty proof. Slavs since ancient times sacredly believed that that a man lived under each bearskin. Meeting a bear in a way was a good omen. People believed that all evil creatures are afraid of the bear and run headlong away, hardly sensing it. And that is why each bearish ravine, every single slopes of the ravine, which was inhabited by a bear family, were comparable to paradise, clean of evil spirits. Like our wise ancestors, we create amulet beverages. "Bear Ravine on Cowberry" has a rich flavor and aroma of this wonderful healing berries. At the same taste cowberries are not immediately disclosed. With every sip the taste becomes richer and the aftertaste more vivid. Composition: rectified drinking water, rectified ethyl alcohol “Lux” from food raw materials, extract from cowberries (fast – frozen cowberries), food additive – acidity regulator – edible citric acid (monohydrate) (Е330).

500 ml.
40 % ABV

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18 дегустационного конкурса на международной ярмарке "ПРОДЭКСПО" за настойку "Медвежий лог на бруснике"

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