Wild Duck VIP

A line of vodka TM "Wild Duck" - one of the most popular and in - demand products of “Belalko”. As a part of the product new tendencies of production of classical vodka are presented: multistage water purification, alcohol and actually vodka, inclusion in structure of the product of natural components which give to vodka softness and drinkability, the use of minimalism in design of the product.
Special vodka "Wild Duck VIP" - a classical standard of vodka, a combination of soft taste and delicate aroma of lemon. This product is awarded sets of awards of the International Tasting Contests.

250 ml.
500 ml.
50 ml.
700 ml.
40 % ABV

Awards and diplomas

Международный дегустационный конкурс "Лучшая водка 2015",

Золотая медаль за водку Дикая утка VIP/Москва, февраль 2015/

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